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Experts in Finishing and Dispensing solutions. We design, manufacture and commercialize high quality equipment and innovative turn-key systems for painting and dispensing systems either manual or robotic. We defined five segments in Automotive industry, where our solutions improve OEMs’ efficiency: • Paint Finishing Solutions: Mixing room, Circulating, Pigging system, Color change systems, Robotic Electrostatic rotary Bells Atomizers, Manual Electrostatic guns for waterborne and solvent borne materials. • Sealing Solutions: Supply room, piping, temperature control systems, Dosing units, sprayers with special nozzles technologies for underbody sealing, underbody coating, interior sealing. • LASD Solutions: high pressure pumps dosing units for Liquid Applied Sound Deadener • Bonding and Antiflutter Solutions in Body in White: heavy duty pumps and dosing units, heated piping, extrusion or swirl application for robotic and manual application of 1K or 2K adhesives and mastics. • Powertrain gasketing Solutions: dual ram unit, up to the dosing unit and extrusion gun for a precise bead at the right place. Our 1:1 scale Application Centers are following a strict protocol for process validation, material characterization, off-line programming check-up, which ensures a safe start of production. SAMES KREMLIN employ more than 700 people worldwide through 16 subsidiaries located close to our customers manufacturing premises.

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